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Treasures Re-Found

Treasures Re-Found

About Web Design services: 

Kris Kelley has a passion for helping small businesses thrive by creating easy to manage websites that will attract clients and customers. For web design services, please contact us to request a quote. After a request is made, we will contact you to schedule a phone consultation and Design Brief to discuss your specific needs and design requests. Following the Design Brief, we will gather information and conduct research to ensure that we create a unique website for your business that is easy for you to update and manage. At this time we will also estimate the project cost and submit a quote. A deposit of 50% of the final cost is required to begin the design process. A draft website will be created and submitted to you for feedback. Then a second draft will be made and submitted to you for approval. Once you approve of the website, an invoice for the remaining cost will be sent to you. The remaining costs are due before the website can be activated. After payment is received, the website will be activated and management permissions will be transferred to you.