artist : freelance photographer

Reclaimed Postcards

re-claimed postcards


Date: 2015

Medium: pigment print, scanned postcards, pen and ink 

Size: each 4 x 6 inches 

Edition: each card is a unique edition of 1/1

The idea for this series was to re-claim postcards by illustrating their narratives on the card itself. I purchased a set of over 100 vintage postcards (dating 1914-1980) that were posted (used). I scanned each post card, front and back. From there, I printed 15 doubled sided postcards, some of the front images and back texts were intentionally mismatched. Then I made a drawing on each postcard that included one or more of the following: elements from the front image, repetition or reflection of the postcard design text, an element from the front image altered, or an illustration of the written message.

re-claimed postcards

scanned originals