Kris Kelley Studios
artist : freelance photographer
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Date: 2016

Medium: Video installation

Size: video projection: 70 x 84 inches

Exhibitions: 2016, dis.solution, MFA Solo Thesis Show, Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA

Publications: 2016, don't take this the wrong way, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 


Photographs often play a significant role in relationships; they’re infused with emotion and allow us to relive landmark moments in our lives. When our memories fade, photographs are often what remain to stand in their place. When photographs decay, what is left? We struggle to preserve these memories, but can forgetting help us to reconcile the complicated, and at times conflicting, feelings we might have for the past? Dissolution is the process of resolving or dissolving something into parts through disintegration, decay, or termination. It can also describe the undoing or breaking of a bond, tie, union, or relationship. dis.solution is the first in a series of videos that examine the presence and absence of my father, both in images from my family archive and in my life and memory.

video stills

installation documentation 

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