Kris Kelley Studios
artist : freelance photographer

Dimensional Books

dimensional books

Date: 2016

Medium: Book cloth, book board, inkjet photo prints, foamcore, mat board 

Size: closed, 8 x 5 inches, open 24 x 5 inches

This is a draft of a a book designed to contain three dimensional images. The images, taken in Centralia PA, are duplicated, cut and layered to re-create a three dimensional scene. Centralia, PA was a town condemned when a mine caught fire. The fire still burns today, leaving behind the nearly abandoned and scorched bones of a once thriving town. An edition of three books is scheduled to be completed in 2017. 

Project text:  Centralia, PA 40° 48′ 12″ N, 76° 20′ 30″ W

Established 1841, Condemned 1992


Walking or driving in this area could cause serious injury or death. 

Dangerous gases are present. 

Ground is prone to sudden collapse.