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MFA Thesis Exhibition


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February 10-13, 2016




February 12, 2016




Temple Contemporary, Tyler School of Art

2001 N 13th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19122

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Show Statement:

How do we know that our memories are true? 

How do we know that a photograph depicts the truth of our experiences?

We document our lives through photographs and together they help tell our narrative, our life story. When our memories fade, can photographs stand in their place? This failing of memory and use of the photograph as visual evidence creates a problem. Can we trust that images are real? Can we trust that our memories are real? 

These questions seem inconsequential when recalling the costume we wore for Halloween, but what happens when your memory of your relationship with a person could alter the very nature of that relationship? 

Throughout this series, Dissolution I use my family photos to explore the presence and absence of my father, both in the images and in my life and memory. I reconstruct memories, create false memories, and explore the role of the photograph as visual evidence of certain events, and what it means when the photograph itself deteriorates.

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