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About Child Trauma

About child trauma 

About the organization: 

About Child Trauma, (ACT) was founded and directed by world renowned psychologist Dr. Lark Eshleman. ACT provides training and resources to mental health communities, educational professionals, parents and judicial systems who care for and/or are entrusted with the care of children who have experienced profound early emotional trauma. We are a division of About Trauma Healing, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization.  

About the project:

About Child Trauma asked me to design a logo that would incorporate a visual representation of their three principles; education, awareness, and prevention of child trauma. I used an overlapping of three different colored hands to represent how each of these principles build upon one another, and also to represent that several different "characters" need to be part of the treatment of Child Trauma, from parents to educators to mental health professionals, A palette of blues was already part of About Child Trauma's promotional design and website,, so I color matched the logo precisely to these materials.